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McDougall's Medicine

Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-free Truth

The truth is simple and undeniable: the financial interests of big industries undermine the health and happiness of you and your family. The only way you can effectively fight these damaging forces is to become informed and then take appropriate actions. Your goal should be to get as far away as possible from the medical business. The only way to safely accomplish this is to become healthy. Sick people take medications and require surgeries - healthy people do not. You are not a helpless victim, and disease and obesity are not inevitable - and both of these undesirable conditions can be cured.

The Pleasure Trap

In this three-part lecture series, Dr. Lisle provides a fascinating new perspective on how modern life can turn so many smart, savvy people into the unwitting saboteurs of their own well-being. Based upon a recent revolution in motivational psychology, The Pleasure Trap lectures provide you with the solutions for the challenges of keeping on a healthful course - and how to make the most of your life. In this series, Dr. Lisle explains:
  • How cravings work and how to defeat them
  • How to live healthfully while not upsetting others who won't
  • How to make healthy living the "easy" habit of your life

Beans and Greens

Cookbooks are often confusing, but with the Tasty and Meatless DVD Video Cookbook Series you will NEVER waste time in the kitchen again!

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